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Natural Mulch & Wood Recycling

Davey Natural Mulch 
Superior Value for Chicago Properties

The best mulch works just the way fallen leaves and branches do in nature to protect and enrich the soil naturally. Mulch made from recycled wood products such as pallets or construction debris contains little green material, offering limited biological benefits. And unlike these mulches, ours returns nutrients from all parts of the tree (bark, twigs, and leaves) back to the soil for improved soil characteristics and optimal plant health.

Davey Natural Mulch is a locally produced, all-natural, aged mulch made from the matter of whole trees that provides optimal biological benefits to your Chicago landscape.

Mulch is a natural weed suppressant that benefits trees, shrubs and other valuable landscape features by providing:

Improved water retention, increased nutrients to the soil, healthy soil pH, increased soil organic matter, local sourcing and delivery, and enhanced landscape aesthetics.

Are you a Chicago Commercial Landscaper?

The type and quality of your mulch makes a big difference to the health and beauty of your commercial landscape—as well as the ROI you achieve from it.

Chicago landscapers prefer natural mulch because it offers protection for trees, plantings, and outdoor recreation areas. Davey’s premium, triple-ground, Chicago-sourced natural mulch is the same premium type of mulch used by top landscape professionals nationwide.

Are You a Chicago Homeowner?
Order Davey natural mulch from your local Chicago office today! Search your zip code below to find the phone number for your local Davey office to request Davey mulch services.

Contract Grinding Services

Commercial landscape professionals are often left with large volumes of wood and other green material. Davey contract grinding services in the Chicago market is not only the best solution to recycle these materials into a valuable natural mulch product, it also reduces disposal costs.

Our team of trained professionals will visit your site, prepare recommendations that can be net cost neutral for your organization, and provide a free estimate that will include all cost projections.